Sarah Smith of Piccadilly LilyI’ve always loved jewellery, I’m like a magpie and I’m sure I’m not alone.

Several years ago now I set up my first jewellery website – www.bibi-jewellery.co.uk selling Bibi Bijoux jewellery, which still is up there as one of my favourite brands.

Following on from the success and having learned an awful amount about selling online, I wanted to stock lots more collections and so Piccadilly Lily was born.

The thinking behind Piccadilly Lily was to personally choose brands that all contributed something slightly different, whilst comfortably existing alongside each other.

And the name Piccadilly Lily? Well, Lily is my daughter and Piccadilly is a vibrant fun place in London I love to go to, with lots of different iconic shops all sitting happily next to each other!

I’m passionate about Customer Service and am always happy to chat about collections, present ideas etc – you can contact me through the live chat function on the website.

I hope you love Piccadilly Lily as much as I do. I’d love to hear your comments and if there are any designers you think I should be stocking, let me know.

Sarah Smith